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Welcome to the Alpen Haus Hotel & Resort located at the mouth of Snake River Canyon in Alpine Wyoming. The Alpen Haus Hotel & Resort is the perfect destination for travelers looking for relaxation and comfort, or travelers looking for adventure. Whatever you are looking for, the Alpen Haus Hotel & Resort is the perfect hotel choice for your visit to Alpine WY.

The Alpen Haus Hotel & Resort is just a short drive away from some of Wyoming’s finest attractions.

Loaded with comforts and amenities, the Alpen Haus Hotel & Resort is not only the finest choice in hotels, it is an outstanding value.

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Drywall Installation Tips

When installing drywall, there are seven common mistakes people make. This article will help you understand the dos and the don’ts of drywall installation.

1. Have proper edge support

You need to consider framing before you start hanging drywall because it is inadequate or not there after all. Inadequate or lack of framing makes it hard to fasten the edge of the drywall making it weak. You need to make sure that you’ve at least 1 inch of the exposed frame at the left corners and if not, you need to add 2 × 4 framing to the right of the drywall.

2. Mark framing locations

Marking the locations of framing members before covering them with a drywall will help you place the screws with ease and accuracy. Placing the screws accurately is one of the problems most people experience when installing dry wall and if they fail to mark framing locations, they end up wasting a lot of time by missing the frame. To do it right, you need to mark the joint ceiling locations on the top plate and then mark the center of each stud to know the exact location. If you’ve any unusual framing, you also need to mark the stud locations to know where to place the screws after the framing is covered with drywall. Finally, you can mark the stud locations on your ceiling with a pencil before you hang the drywall with ease.

3. Avoid having tapered edges on outside corners

You need to place cut edges along an outside corner to avoid making it difficult to install the corner bead accurately. Anytime you hang a sheet of drywall which has tapered edges along an outside corner; you cannot be able to install the corner bead as required. Remember to avoid these tapered edges when installing dry wall. You can hire a contractor to help you cut the dry wall sheets as required if you don’t know how to go about it.

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How To Fish For Sturgeon

Here are some tips to get you prepared for the sturgeon fishing we offer here at Alpen Haus Dating Resort:

Sturgeon refer to 26 different species of acipenseridae family. Sturgeon are bottom feeders in rivers, lakes and coasts of Eurasia and North America mostly. They prey on snails, worms, aquatic insects, shrimp and crayfish. Sturgeons can grow to a size of about 1.8 feet long i.e. 5.5 metres long and they are mainly caught for meat and roe. Their roe is turned into caviar and then sold across the world. Even though their meat and roe are in high demand, it is not easy to fish for sturgeons because of their mode of life. However, if you want to fish for sturgeons the following tips are important:

Get the right tackle equipment

You need to have a fishing rod made from a single piece rather than a rod that is assembled. The rod should be 6 – 9 feet long. Since sturgeons are very long, they are also heavy and an assembled fishing rod may not be able to support the weight of the fish. For this reason, the reel should have alien that can hold at least 80 pounds. In addition, since you will need to reach the bottom of the lake, river or the coast, you need to have a long line about 228.6 metres long (the line should cover 250 yards).

When you’ve the right fishing rod, string the right hook at the end of your line. 5/0 to 9/0 are recommended hook sizes depending on the type of sturgeon fish you are fishing for. Use a fresh bait of salmon eggs, craw fish, fresh water clams, shad or any small fishes to attract the sturgeons. However, if you cannot be able to have a fresh bait, you can add scents to the bait you’ve to attract sturgeons. To add scents, shad oil, shrimp oil or sardine oil are among fish oils which most fishermen use.

Locate the right spot to fish

When you are ready to go fishing, you will have to look for the right spot where sturgeons are to increase the chances of catching any. Small channels, ledges, sand flats and rocky areas are recommended areas to fish for sturgeons because they move with the tides in search of food. If the tide is out, you will have to look for deeper water because that’s the only place you can find sturgeons looking for food. However, if the tide has come in, you can fish in small fishing beds of 4 – 6 feet. Sturgeons are most likely to be found in deep slow moving water which have lots of food deposits. You are however advised to avoid driving over the location because to avoid spooking the fish out because they will be scared by the shadow of the boat or even fishing rod.

Identify the ideal sturgeon bite

The bite you will use to catch sturgeon can be determined by the outdoor temperature. You should research about the baits you can use to fish for sturgeons before you go fishing. You can use eels, dew worms or eulachons during spring because they are available in the bed of the river at the time. During cold weather, sturgeon bites are usually slow and repetitive and you should be attentive to differentiate a tide and a bite. The repetitive action will help you determine a bite when it occurs. On the other hand, during warmer weather (July and August), sturgeon bites tend to be more aggressive because the fish are approaching the spawning season and they are active.

When fishing, “reel in the sturgeons very fast to avoid losing the catch.” a key tip given by Fraser River Sturgeon Fishing – Sturgeon Fish Charters. However, remember that they are quite large, hence have necessary support because they can be quite powerful.

Click here for to view more from our writers at Fraser River Sturgeon Fishing:

How To Pick Up Girls At Coffee Shops

It is not easy picking up women from coffee shops especially if you have met for the first time. However, if you observe your environment keenly, you will be able to know girls that are open to talking and being friendly boosting your success rate. In addition, you will be able to know those that aren’t open to talking and you will keep away from them since you’ve minimal or no chances of hooking up with them.

If you want to pick up girls from a coffee shop, here is a recommended system:

1. Pick busy coffee shops

You will have high chances of meeting hot girls in busy coffee shops which are usually located in town centres. These coffee shops have high traffic and you need to be creative and attentive to the girls moving in and out of the coffee shop when getting your day game right. Just take your time to assess friendly girls before making an approach to avoid being turned down.

2. Take note of your surroundings

From the moment you enter the coffee shop, you need to observe everything to help you make a sound decision. Your main objective is to pick up a girl from the shop and to achieve this you need to be knowing the environment you are in. Therefore, you need to take note of every girl and what they are doing.

Depending with your assessment, you need to have the answers to the following questions:

  • Are they alone or with a guy?
  • Are they in group of other girls or they are alone?
  • If they are alone, what are they doing?
  • Do they look bored?
  • Do they look interested in having company?

Depending with what the girl is doing, you will go ahead and approach her or you don’t because they may not be accommodative. You also need to look out for IOI’s (indications of interests) to make a move. Anytime you get any IOI, there is a possibility that you might end up being friends or spending time with the lady. Most girls who give IOI’s are the best to pick up because they’ve already shown interest in you.

3. Approach and talk to her

After spending considerable time understanding your surroundings, you will eventually select the girl you want to approach for the first time. You can either use the natural opener approach or the observational opener approach. The two approaches are different and you need to know which one is ideal for you. If you use either of the opener, you need to make your approach non-aggressive because it can ruin the chances of having a conversation. So you can bend or crouch down to her table or chair so that she can hear you and then say anything to her.

Here is an example of a natural PUA opener: ‘Excuse me… I saw you from over there and I decided to say hi because I think you are very cute.’ This will trigger a conversation where you can know her name, where she come from etc. Once you start talking, you just to be creative and engaging all through.

You can use this as an observational opener:‘Excuse me, sorry to bother you but I noticed you are reading (mention what she is reading). I have to ask, are you enjoying it?

To use this approach, you need to observe keenly because you engage in a conversation and you’ve less details about the topic. However, once you get it right, it is very useful and easy to use especially for girls who are talkative.

4. Build an initial neutral rapport

If she responds positively to your opener, you need to create an initial rapport where you become attractive and make her feel comfortable. It is not easy because you don’t know much about the girl but since you’ve a mission, you need to do it. You can ask her politely if you can sit down for some time you know each other. You need to show that you’ve limited time to create a rapport but don’t overdo it.

If you used a natural opener approach, you can then carry on by guessing things about her. You can relate her personality, job, style of character, what she seems to like etc. This might be a slow process because she might not be willing to give you answers because she does not know you much but if you are consistent and creative, she will break and answer.

On the other hand, in observational opener, you need to carry on from the same topic you had. If you were referring to a book, you can start discussing an interesting topic, character or chapter in the book. This will automatically trigger a conversation where you can weigh in. You need to be detailed and keen to use this approach. You can as well observe other things e.g. attire and relate to a career or job.

5. Drop the hook

After you engage her in your conversation, you need to drop a hook or multiple of them to see whether she is interested in you or she is just being polite. To drop a hook, you need to introduce topics which could trigger her into asking you questions. If she happens to ask you questions, you have just started winning and you need to connect even more

For observational approach, you can try something that would relate to what you introduced. For instance, ‘I actually met the author last year in London, he is very friendly…’ In a natural opener, talk about the things you might have in common so that you can relate. For instance, ‘Oh, so you are an Italian, I was planning to visit Rome this year …’
If she does not initiate any questions, give her some time and she will eventually. Don’t get upset or impatient because it could ruin your chances eventually.

6. Connect and break rapport

If the conversation is going on well, you need to break the rapport to create a connection with her. For instance, if you are discussing about a book, character or topic in a book, you need to be on the opposing side. For instance, if she says, ‘This is my favourite book to date…’ you need to counter the idea and say the opposite e.g. ‘Oh no, you are not serious! That book was terrible and I don’t like it.’ This will make her try to convince you that the book is great and you should reconsider your decision. Eventually creating an attraction because she will be looking for your approval and attention!

7. Make your excuses to leave

Even if you are not busy, you should make an excuse to leave when the interaction is on a high note so that you can plan another meeting. As an excuse, you can say, ‘Damn, I need to get back to work, I am late… we should meet again when you are free.’ She will agree to your proposal

8. Close her

You need to get a means of communication. Phone number is the best option but you can opt to use social media e.g. Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. This will give you an upper hand because she will go through your profile, see your pics and know more about you. In addition, through messages, you can chat and even ask for a number. You will also be able to know more about her through her posts and pic as well as the friends she has. With that, you will just need to be patient and consistent.

Dos and Don’t in coffee shop game

  1. Make an effort of engaging with as many girls as possible because it helps you practice while still having numerous options at any given time
  2. You should not approach a set of women unless you are at the top of your game. Start off with single girls before you step up to taking sets or even mixed sets.
  3. You should never be sexual in a coffee shop game. This will obviously be a turn off because you don’t know each other and a coffee shop is not an ideal place to be sexual. Save that for later and keep the conversation neutral
  4. Avoid being creepy! There is a difference between being persistent and creepy. If she is not into you, just read her signals and leave her alone.

Guest post by Aypa Dating Blog who will be having a special webinar on the topic of dating some time soon.