Men are not good at communication like women. It is easy to misread them and think they do not care. However, once you understand the body attraction signals that they send, it is easy for you to understand the message a man is trying to convey to you. You can know whether a man is interested in you from the way he acts. This helps you not put your expectations in the wrong place and to be able to truly find the signs of non-verbal attraction.

You can tell a lot from a man’s body language. It is better to read a man’s body language than relying solely on their words. As they say, actions speak louder than words, and if the man is interested in you, you will know from his actions. Some of the things you should pay attention to in a man include the way his eyes move when he is talking to you, how his foot points, how he leans, how he tilts his head and what he does with his hands among others. These things will help you know what he feels about you.

Once you have mastered all these signs, you will be able to know which man you should invest your time with and who you should not bother with.

Signs that he is attracted to you

  1. His eyes will move in a triangular manner. From your eyes to your nose to other parts of your body. You will notice when a man is checking you out but paying attention to the shape of his glances will make it easy for you to distinguish between a guy who is interested in you or one who is looking for a nice pair of breasts.
  2. A man who is attracted to you will tilt his head away like a bashful child. The move is common among both men and women.
  3. You will notice him glancing at you from the corner of his eyes. He might do it from across the room, but you will notice it more when he is near you. That way, you can see the sparkle in his eyes.
  4. A man who is attracted to you will smile more. If you notice a sudden outburst of smiles coming from the man, it is a clear sign that he is excited and attracted to you. He might try to hide it, but that will only show it more.
  5. When a man is attracted to you, he will have a heightened sense of touch. You will notice him rubbing his jaw or forehead which he will do unconsciously. He will also be welcoming to your touch, and if you are feeling flirty, you can go ahead and touch him.
  6. His eyes will linger on your lips since he is imagining how it will feel like kissing you.
  7. He will try to keep your attention by using big arm gestures. If he is not attracted to you, he will not try to keep your attention so if you meet a man who does this; it is a good sign.
  8. He might lean against a wall or seat and put his hands on the back of his head. Although this move is subconscious, it is a man’s way of attracting his mate by showing off his masculine physique.

When a man is into you, you will notice the following.

  1. 1The man will tilt his head down. It has several meanings. He could be shy, uncomfortable, dishonest or just exposing his vulnerable side. Do not judge a man by this move alone but look out for other signs.
  2. He will look at his feet and seem nervous. If he looks down for too long, it might mean that the man has low self-esteem, feels guilt or is not interested in you. However, if he looks up with a wrinkled forehead and a smile, you can be sure that he is into you.
  3. He will act like a shy boy and sit on his hands. It shows that he is nervous around you but in the right way and he trusts you enough to show you that he is vulnerable. Sitting on his hands also shows that he is less likely to be made a fool of. It also means that he is comfortable around you and is not in a hurry to leave.
  4. He will also separate himself from a group so you can notice him better. He might not do this if he is shy but will do this if he is outgoing.
  5. He will find a way to touch your hand to show that he is interested in you. It will also show you that he respects physical boundaries. However, if he finds a way to touch your tummy, leg or shoulder on the first day, you can expect him to push your boundaries, even more, the next time you meet.
  6. The man will lift his shoulders in a childlike manner; it shows that he is excited and nervous and he has a crush on you. It is the same case if he stands with his toes pointed and if he extends his hand to you with an open palm.

Signs the man is interested in what you are saying

  1. You have his undivided attention if he sits with both feet flat on the ground. Also if he sits with one leg crossed over the knee, and the other one pointed towards you. However, he is not interested in the foot is pointed away from you since this shows that he is keeping his options open.
  2. The man will mirror your tone of voice and body language if he is interested in the conversation.
  3. He will create an intimate space by leaning towards you so that he can separate your conversation from everything else.
    Our bodies speak a language that can inform someone if we are interested in them or not. You need to learn and understand the body signals you give and the message they convey to others.

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